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Commercial Agricultural Storage Tanks

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Commercial Agricultural Storage Tanks


The agricultural industry uses an enormous amount of water for day-to-day activities. The huge benefits of harvesting rainwater for agricultural use and the subsequent return on capital expenditure (normally between 2-6 years) make the installation of a water storage system on a farm a sound investment


Ease of Maintenance – To purify drinking water is a complicated and expensive process, whereas the systems for collection and storage of rainwater are based on simple technology. The maintenance of a water storage tank requires little time and effort.

 Suitable for Irrigation – Water storage systems are relatively inexpensive to build and because rainwater is free from pollutants, it can be safely applied to the irrigation of agricultural land or in your own garden.

Reduction in the demand on Groundwater – The demand for groundwater increases in accordance with an increase in the human population. This, in turn, leads to a depletion of groundwater in areas where water is already scarce.
Can be applied for non-drinking purposes. Rainwater can be applied for the washing of clothes, washing the dishes, flushing the toilet, washing the car, watering of the garden to name but a few.

Improvement in the growth of plants – Because stored rainwater does not contain man-made contaminants, pollutants, salts or minerals it is ideal for irrigation purposes.

Rainwater is a free resource – available to everybody for use.